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Burgfest 2013

Burgfest-people - you were fantastic!!! Thank you for an amazing night!


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Schlossgrabenfest 2013

So here are pictures of a fantastic Sunday afternoon with you and "Mental Reservation" at the "Schlossgrabenfest 2013" - watch them and enjoy!

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The FUZZ-Tour has started...

After we've moved out of our old practising-room into a very nice new one we give you the first dates of the "FUZZ-Tour".
More to follow - but maybe you've already found one gig nearby you...

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FUZZinating! The new MR-album is out!!!

And here we go!

- the new MR-album had been released last Friday and we're sooo proud of it!
Thanks to everyone who made this evening to a very special event for us - here are some pics -also for those who missed it for whatever reason:


and here some of the very first happy owners of this amazing CD - you could be one of them - so send us an email to get your own copy - it's Xmas soon and it fits perfectly under each Xmas-tree...

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What the FUZZ?!

For those who really didn't know:

the 12th of October 2012 (12.10.12) -  2 months before the end of the world-  the brandnew album of "Mental Reservation" will be released...see details:


Come and celebrate with us the birth of this amazing CD!!!


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A Photo-Double!

So here we have two new photo sessions for you:

- our album "Back to Ibiza 2012"
- and some pics of our gig at the "Burgfest Koenigstein" last Saturday

tl_files/mental/images/att/Doppel.jpgEnjoy it!!!



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Good looking preview

The time has come to listen to a song from our forthcoming album:

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